Bientôt la TNT sera opérationnelle en RDC

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In addition, the Minister of Communication and Media, Emile Bongeli attended the same day, with his colleague PTT, Marie Louise Mang, installation of panels on digital antenna set up by the Italian company Teleconsult.

On this occasion, he said that the technological transformation of the analogy to digital will soon be operational, because the installation of the digital antenna followed transmitters allows us to enter the new era of modern technology. Mr. Bongeli said that the transition to digital will free up frequencies and settle the dispute with Congo / Brazzaville other frequencies and keep aside. This change will also allow the improvement of programs and images, and all channels will be subject to encryption to sell.

The Minister of PTT, for his part, emphasized that the grouping of channels with single spectrum for digital television system will regulate the area of ​​frequency management. Finally, Mr. Dino Mandefo, representing Teleconsul, provided the technical data of the digital antenna, before underlining its importance as an antenna in the UHF band which will serve to radiation digital television through 24 panels installed UHF at the top of the antenna.

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